Thrift Week - a tremendous idea…

posted: 06/22 at 08:00 PM

Thrift.  Never spending beyond what you have.  Delaying gratification.  Saving what you have.  Investing.  All you have to do is think about all the problems we fight about every day in society.  Then think about how many would be solved if everyone had more of a thrift-oriented mindset.  It wouldn’t solve every problem, but it would take care of a huge chunk of them - so that we could really start putting our energy and capital toward the ones that can’t be solved with thrift.  Thrift Week is a simple (this is why it’s effective), yet very important way to promote something that would change the world.  Be a THRIFT LEADER.

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“Being human…

posted: 05/12 at 08:00 AM

... isn’t what it used to be.”

That is a quote from a friend who was recently talking about society’s changing values.  I think there’s some real truth to it.

The article linked to this post speaks even more to this point.  It is a tricky argument to articulate sometimes because often it is just dismissed as “old-fashioned” or “boring”.  But Mr. Gelernter (a computer scientist himself) points out very eloquently the nature of what we’re up against…


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Teaching Self-starters

posted: 02/10 at 09:43 PM

Imagine a world where everyone was a self-starter.  Entrepreneurship is about being creative and idealistic in a productive, practical way.  Imagine if there were entrepreneurship programs in every public school.  What would our world be like if everyone learns what it is like to start a business in a really hands-on way.

CLICK HERE to read about this unique program…

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posted: 08/04 at 11:00 AM

Just think about how many problems arise from “misunderstanding”.  Poor listening is so often at the root of our communication problems.  It is one of our biggest problems and it has the potential to get worse. 

There are more recordings (musical, video, etc.) than ever.  More messages coming at us than ever (more “noise”).  It is easier than ever to get in touch with people.  This is precisely why the way we communicate matters more.  It is easier than ever to have casual, meaningless conversations.  It is easier than ever to create our own worlds - we just need to make sure that these are good worlds and that they include other people.  And that they involve listening to each other.

Listening skills can be learned by anyone at any age.  Kids who never learn to listen never learn to learn.  On the other hand, if kids learn to listen early on and learn how to be conscious of that experience, they acquire habits that will be endlessly beneficial for the rest of their lives.

Watch THIS…

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GGMF salutes Goodwill Industries

posted: 06/23 at 12:00 PM

An amazing example of empowering people without taking away their dignity…

Goodwill Industries International

Oh, and they help kids (youth) directly too… (CLICK HERE TO READ HOW)

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